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3rd Party Accessories
A few accessories for your Mini from Non OEM Suppliers

Delaney Gallay 3 Point "Racing Harness".

These lovely period seat belts were sold by among others Speedwell, they were always a "Budget" alternative to the better Irvin or Britax Racing harnesses. With their simple slide & lock principle they look fantastic on any early Mini. Click on the image for a copy of the fitting instructions.

Speedwell Bulkhead Shield.

This is the bulkhead shield supplied with some of the Speedwell kits, it was designed to block up the hole in the bulkhead where the speedo sits. Although in the Speedwell catalogue this is listed as an item for Morris 1100 / 1300 cars, I understand it was also suitable for use on Minis. (thanks Ian Gray)

Speedwell / BRM Magnesium "Racing" Wheels.

These Magnesium alloy wheels were supplied to Speedwell by the Racing Car manufacturer BRM in the mid to late 60's. Presumably this was something to do with the fact that Graham Hill was a long time member of the BRM F1 team among others. Reputed to be amongst the strongest and lightest wheels ever made for a Mini they dissolved very quickly in the wonderful British weather and are practically impossible to find today in any condition. Click on image for better pictures.

Speedwell Rocker cover Finisher.

This is not another Speedwell chrome rocker cover! This is an item manufactured by Speedwell towards the late 60's or early 70's. It is a shiny plastic cover that fits OVER a standard tin rocker cover. Click on the image opposite for more detail.

Speedwell Throttle Pedal.

This is an example of a genuine Speedwell Throttle pedal. Unlike the "Paddy Hopkirk" item the Speedwell pedal was always manufactured in black plastic NOT alloy! Reproductions are currently available that are alloy, making them easy to spot as fakes.

Speedwell Shock Absorbers.

How long have I been looking for these?

Opposite you can see a genuine set of Speedwell Performance shock absorbers for the Mini. These were the later TSR A1 type that were sold from about 1964. They are not adjustable, but are suitable for either lowered or standard height minis. If you follow the link below you will see a larger pictures of them and an insert showing that they are stamped with the correct Speedwell Part number.

GQ Parachute Company Ltd. Safety Harnesses.

In the early 60's there were a whole variety of companies manufacturing safety harnesses for cars. Most of which were originally parachute harness manufacturers. One of the very best of these was G.Q. Amongst their claims to fame are that they made the harness that saved Donald Campbell's life in his 300mph + accident of 1960. Very soon this market was cornered by the two giants, Kangol & Britax, leaving other companies to wither or concentrate on their core business. GQ are now known as IRVIN-GQ and manufacture harnesses for the RAF amongst others. I have a set of these fantastic belts fitted in my 1071. For a full copy of the catalogue, click on the image.

Delaney Gallay Brochure.

In the early 1960's when Seatbelts were still an optional luxury on most cars there were a whole wealth of companies who offered after market belts. Amongst the best of these were Delaney Gallay who manufactured both road going & competition seatbelts that were retailed through Speedwell amongst others.

See how your distributor works!

Ever wondered how a distributor actually works? then what you need is a "Remax" clear distributor cap. Manufactured for a whole range of distributors in the 50's and 60's these clear plastic caps make a particularly lurid addition to any car of the period.

Very tacky, Very 60's.

Alexander made rubbish, just like everyone else

I submit exhibit 1 for the Jury’s examination. These "Wind powered" light cleaners are a fantastic example of 60's kitsch. They glued onto your head lamp and supposedly kept them clean!

The Mini Accessory That Cowley Forgot.

Talk about an overblown opinion of yourself. They were selling this bit of tin and a nut & bolt for 14/6 that was about 3 years wages for the average man (or at least something like that) in the mid 1960's.

Maybe the reason "Cowley forgot it" was that it was rubbish.

The makers Messrs. Progress supplies Ltd. Claim this gadget;

"Immediately puts your BMC Mini into the expensive car class"

I could be very rude here, but I'll settle for saying I doubt that their claim holds up to scrutiny very well.

Turn your silk purse into a Sows ear.

This has to be the most ugly body conversion ever offered for a Mini. Certainly not my cup of tea, but I bet it improved the drag coefficient no end.

Turn your silk purse into a Sows ear 2.

The Mini-Scorpion.